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Ram Dharam Kaur

Guru Ardas Kaur

My birth name is Jeremy, spiritual name Siri Gobind Singh.  Painting is my occupation and I am a very hands on painting contractor.  Kundalini yoga changed who I am.  Practicing for 14 years and instructing for can easily say that Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a keystone in my life.  Providing structure and a simple, yet diverse application method for the training of the mind, the practice has lifted me through tough times and provided ballast when good times can be too good.  It has allowed me to develop tolerance, tenacity, and a bit of grit. I can find the sacred in the mundane, and a silver lining hiding in every dark cloud.  My first teacher was a devout Sikh who wore a Turban and Kirta, malas and a shawl. My dear friend insisted that I go to the "Swami's" class.  I thought that he may very well fly on a magic carpet to class.  After being in awe when in his presence for 2 years, I had the opportunity to accompany him and a few students to a late dinner after class. To my absolute surprise I found out that he too was in construction!  He told me to do Japa as I worked.  Mentally vibrate Sat as I brush one way.  Mentally Nam as the brush, or roller, or sandpaper went the other way.  Devote your days work to the Infinite.

Sat Nam

​​Hari Jap

Sat Anand Kaur

Siri Gobind Singh

Guru Ardas Kaur has been teaching kundalini yoga and meditation around the greater Phoenix for 17 years.  She has also taught in Payson, Az, California and Colorado. She has studied ayurveda, an ancient health and lifestyle from India and has done consultation for basic lifestyle change. She is a practitioner of Sat Nam Rasayan,  an ancient healing practice passed down through the kundalini yoga linage. It is sometimes referred to as healing in a meditative state. The process is to hold a meditative state of awareness. Sat Nam Rasayan allows the client to completely relax and has been known to help with lowering blood pressure and releasing tension and anxiety. Guru Ardas is a member of the International Kundalini Yoga Teacher Association and currently serves on the board representing all kundalini yoga teachers in Arizona known as 3HO of Arizona. Her current hobbies are horseback riding(when the weather is cooler), getting out of the city to get some fresh air whenever she can and taking art classes. She currently teaches at Center for Divine Awakening on Thursdays at 5:30.

Teacher Bio's

Dr. Carrie (Sat Anand) Barlow started doing Kundalini Yoga in 2002 at the local gym and has been an avid practitioner ever since.  She completed her Kundalini Yoga Level I Teacher Training in 2007 and is working toward her Level II certification.  Sat Anand worked as a Family Medicine physician for 6 years until she started working for Infinity Hospice Care in June 2008.  She is board certified in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Hospice and Palliative Care.  She is currently working on a website as a platform to teach busy moms how to achieve their health goals and find their bliss using the tools of Kundalini Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, Reiki, and nutrition (anandwellness.com).  Sat Anand has taught anatomy and physiology to the Kundalini Yoga Level I Teacher Training students since 2008 and feels grateful and blessed to give back to the yoga community.  She loves to teach her students and patients the yoga techniques she learned in order to help them decrease anxiety, expand their awareness and find peace of mind as she has experienced.  “Kundalini Yoga has helped me find my destiny path using simple tools that I can apply in my everyday life. My goal is to share this knowledge with as many people as I can.”

 Ram Dharam Kaur grew up in a yogic household. Her mother practiced yoga
daily, and as a child Ram Dharam would watch and often copy many of the
movements, poses and breathing. When Ram Dharam was old enough to read, she
pored through her mother's yoga books and worked her way through the
beginning, intermediate and finally advanced yoga sequences in the books.

Beginning in the mid-90s, Ram Dharam began taking formal yoga classes of
various types, from hatha yoga and flow, to Yin, Bikram, Ashtanga and Dahn
Yoga - eventually finding her way to Kundalini Yoga. Her first Kundalini
Yoga experience was a true "a-ha moment" for her. This was the holy grail of
yoga! Nothing else came close to the power unleashed through Kundalini Yoga
as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She immediately knew this was her path. From that
day in 2003, she gradually went deeper and deeper with her training, and in
2015 became a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher.

In addition to deep spiritual experiences and inner peace she gained through
her Kundalini Yoga practice, Ram Dharam has also experienced great success
in healing her body using the technology of Kundalini Yoga. She has had
moderately severe scoliosis since her teenage years, which limited her
ability to engage in many physical activities. However, since practicing
Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, not only is she more flexible now
than in her 20s, but she is also virtually pain-free - something she had not
experienced since her early teens.

Ram Dharam is passionate about sharing the ability for self-healing of mind,
body and soul that comes with an active Kundalini Yoga practice and she
loves meeting new people who share an inner commitment to living their
dreams and becoming their highest selves. In addition to teaching yoga, she
is a public relations professional, having worked most recently as the PR
manager for Arizona PBS, the public broadcasting station in Phoenix. She is
also a professional dancer, performing various styles of ethnic dance,
including Arabic and Indian. Her lifelong love of dance and yoga have given
her an intimate understanding of body mechanics, yogic anatomy and the
importance of good form to avoid injuries and develop optimum physical
strength, ease and grace.

     ​Hari Jap has devoted his entire life to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge, and sharing it with others.  He believes "Any obstacle contains a safe passage through, for those who actively seek its disclosure."
And it was an obstacle that presented itself in the form of a spinal disability at a young age for Hari Jap.  Although this turn of events may have stymied some, it only fueled his drive to overcome his adversity and forge his own safe passage to live a righteous life.
     His spiritual journey began in the form of Karate, Shotokan and Kung Fu to be specific. Additionally, he studied Shito-ryu under Rudy Crosswell which inspired him to choose a path in a discipline which trains not only the body, but the mind and spirit as well.
     From there he turned to 3HO, where he studied Kundalini Yoga as it was taught by Yogi Bhajan; a practice which he has maintained and integrated as a core aspect of his life for more than 32 years, the past 10 of which he has been a certified Yoga Teacher Trainer.
     Hari Jap has taught at every level, from the first timers to the best of the best; while, at the same time, expanding his knowledge through various related avenues. Some noteworthy accolades he has acquired include: a period studying Sat Nam Rasayan (healing through deep contemplative awareness) with Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, he has studied Usui Reiki Ryoho with Ginny Mackles and Advanced Gong Technics with Gong Master Don Conreaux. He underwent Shamanic Training with The Deer Tribe, has studied Tantra with Shantam Nityama and Sunyata Saraswati, and Taoist Chi Kung with Master Ni and Mantak Chia.
     Finally, in 2003, Hari Jap founded the Center for Divine Awakening as a sacred space for a multitude of teachers to impart their wisdom and share their truth.
     It is impossible to sum up a life’s dedication and perseverance to a spiritual path merely by citing one’s achievements, but the passion that Hari Jap displays for his truth shines irrefutably when he teaches; and to those students that have learned from him in the past, it is clear. And all the words I write mean nothing, compared to what he will show you himself.

-Connor Meyers